AIX Configuration and How-TOs


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AIX 5.3 configConfiguring AIX 5.3 on a P5 55A server after installation
AIX 64 bitHow to determine if AIX can run 64 bit software
Array LUNHow to add or remove an array LUN to/from a Volume group
Disk - add to VGHow to add a disk to an existing volume group and then create a new logical volume
DNS server entry updateHow to update DNS entries on an AIX DNS server
HACMP actionHACMP Cluster administration - Action tasks
HACMP statusHACMP Cluster administration - Status and information tasks
HMCHMC commands for common tasks
HP JetDirect PrinterHP JetDirect Printer Configuration in AIX
Java 5 installationInstalling Java 5 on AIX 5.3
Memory - List infoHow to list information about installed memory
Mirror array LUNsHow to mirror array LUNs on a host because of no multipath software
Mirror rootvgHow to re-mirror rootvg after a migration installation
NFSNFS - How to export and mount an NFS filesystem on AIX
NIMNIM - Network Installation Manager - Configuring a NIM client and NIM mksysb image
ntpHow to configure ntp
Perl module installationInstalling a Perl DBI module on AIX 5.3
Print queue - AddHow to add an AIX print queue to a remote print server
Print queues - SyncHow to synchronize print queues between AIX servers
Replace rootvg diskHow to replace a faulty, bootable mirrored disk in rootvg
S80 power cycleIBM s80 reboot, power off and power on procedures
SambaHow to install and configure Samba on AIX 5.2 and above
SecurityAIX Security Hardening
Sendmail buildingHow to build sendmail on AIX
Sendmail troubleshootingTroubleshooting sendmail on AIX
Snap commandHow to use the snap command to gather important system diagnostic information
SSA enclosure configurationHow to check for free slots in an SSA disk enclosure
sysdumpHow to change the system default dump device
wtmp - truncatingHow to truncate wtmp