ZFS (Oracle/Sun Zettabyte File System) commands

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CommandCommon Arguments & DescriptionCommand Description
zfs create-o mountpoint=/app datapool/app (Create a zfs filesystem "app" in zfs pool "datapool" and mount on /app (Then use "set quota" command)Create a ZFS filesystem
zfs getall datapool/app (List all properties and their values for the dataset datapool/app)Display properties of ZFS datasets
zfs getquota datapool/app (List the currently set quota value for filesystem datapool/app)Get ZFS quota
zfs list(List all active file systems and volumes in the system)List ZFS Datasets
zfs setautoexpand=on datapool/app (Set autoexpand to on for filesystem datapool/app)Set ZFS autoexpand
zfs setquota=10G prodpool/oradata (Set a quota of 10GB (total space not additional) for filesystem prodpool/oradata)Set ZFS quota
zpool list(List all pools in the system along with a health status and space usage)List ZFS pools and health status
zpool status-v (Display the detailed health status for each pool in the system with verbose data error info)List detailed ZFS health status and errors