AIX commands

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CommandCommon Arguments & DescriptionCommand Description
alog-L (List the log types currently defined in the alog configuration database)Creates and maintains fixed-size log files created from standard input
alog-L -t boot (List the attributes for the specified log type boot)Creates and maintains fixed-size log files created from standard input
alog-o -t boot (View the boot log)Creates and maintains fixed-size log files created from standard input
alog-o -t console (View the console log)Creates and maintains fixed-size log files created from standard input
bootinfo-K (Displays if kernel is 32-bit or 64-bit enabled)Displays boot information
bootinfo-r (Displays real memory in kilobytes)Displays boot information
bootlist-m normal -o (Show the devices to boot from, in order of priority)Displays and alters the list of boot devices
bootlist-m normal hdisk0 hdisk1 (Change the bootlist to include both hdisk0 & hdisk1)Displays and alters the list of boot devices
bosboot-a (Create a boot image on the default disk which is the disk the system is booted from)Creates boot image
bosboot-a -d hdisk1 (Create a boot image on hdisk1)Creates boot image
cfgmgr (No arguments - Configures all devices into the system)Configures devices and optionally installs device software
chdev-l en0 -a state=down (Set the state of en0 to down)Changes the characteristics of a device
chfs-a size=200M /test (Set the size of the /test filesystem to 200M)Changes attributes of a file system
chlv-x 900 opt_lv (Increase the max number of logical partitions for LV opt_lv)Changes characteristics of a logical volume
chps-s64 hd6 (Increase paging space size by 64 logical partitions)Changes attributes of a paging space
chpv-v a hdisk1 (Makes the physical volume hdisk1 available for logical input and output)Changes the characteristics of a physical volume in a volume group
chvg-g appvg (Examines all disks in VG appvg to see if they have grown in size, and if so adds additional PPs to PVs. (not available on rootvg)Checks to see if the disks in a volume group have changed in size
crfs-v jfs2 -d applv -m /apps -A yes (Creates a jfs2 filesystem on a previously created LV named applv and mounts on boot)Create a filesystem on a previously created LV
crfs-v jfs2 -g rootvg -a size=10G -m /apps -A yes (Creates a 10GB jfs2 filesystem and an LV in the VG appvg and mounts on boot)Create a filesystem and logical volume
datapathquery adapter (Displays information about all SDD (Subsystem Device Driver) vpath adapters)Display SDD vpath adapter info
datapathquery device (Displays information about all SDD (Subsystem Device Driver) vpath devices)Display SDD vpath device info
dumpcheck-p (/usr/lib/ras/dumpcheck - Check dump resources and have the results printed to standard output)Check that the dump device and copy directory are able to receive the system dump
entstat-d en0 (Show all statistics for the network device en0)Shows ethernet device driver and device statistics
errclear0 (Delete all entries from the error log, default log /var/adm/ras/errlog)Delete error log entries
errpt-a (Show errors in detailed format)Generates a report of logged errors
extendlvhd2 3 (Extend LV hd2 by 3 unallocated PPs from the VG)Extend the size of a logical volume
extendvg-f rootvg hdisk1 (Add hdisk1 into the volume group rootvg)Adds physical volumes to a volume group
fget_config-Av (Displays the LUNs presented from the array and associated hdisk. If using RDAC displays associated DAC.)Displays LUNs presented from an array plus hdisk and RDAC info.
installp-aX -d/usr/sys/inst.images (Install and automatically commit all filesets in the software package and expand file systems if required)Install software products
installp-L -d /dev/rmt0.1 (Lists all the software products and installable options on the tape rmt0.1)List software products
installp-u (Removes a fileset named software products
instfix-i | grep ML (Display the maintenance levels installed)Display maintenance levels installed
instfix-ivk IZ86787 (Check if APAR IZ86787 is installed)Check if an APAR (fix) is installed
instfix-k IZ86787 -d /dev/cd0 (Install APAR IZ86787 from the cdrom /dev/cd0)Install an APAR (fix)
listvgbackup-f /dev/rmt0 (Use device /dev/rmt0)Lists or restores contents of a VG or mksysb backup
lparstat-i (List details of the LPAR configuration)Reports LPAR related info and stats
lppchk-c (Verifies checksum and file size are consistent with the SWVPD DB)Verifies files of an installable s/w product
lppchk-v (Verifies that /, /usr and /usr/share are valid with each other)Verifies files of an installable s/w product
lquerypv-h core 6b0 64 (Displays the program that created the core file (core))Display the program that created a core file
lsattr-El mem0 (Displays effective memory attributes)Displays info about the attributes of a device
lsattr-El sys0 (Displays effective system attributes)Displays info about the attributes of a device
lsattr-El sys0 -a realmem (Displays effective usable physical memory)Displays info about the attributes of a device
lscfg(No arguments - Shows name, location and description for all devices)Displays name, location and description about devices
lscfg-vl hdisk0 (Display VPD (Vital Product Data) information about hdisk0)Displays configuration, diagnostic and VPD information about a device
lsdev-Cc adapter -S a (List available adapters in the customized devices object class)Displays device info in the device configuration database
lslpp-ha (Display installation and update history of installed software products
lslpp-l (Lists additional data)Lists installed software products
lslpp-w /usr/sbin/aixmibd (Lists the fileset that owns aixmibd)Lists a fileset that owns a file
lslvhd4 (Displays characteristics of LV "hd4")Displays information about a logical volume
lsmksysb(No arguments - List the contents of the system backup located on the default device /dev/rmt0)List the contents of a mksysb backup
lsmksysb -l -f /dev/rmt1 (List volume group and general backup data about a backup located on device /dev/rmt1)List general backup data of a mksysb backup
lspath(No arguments - Displays the status of all paths known to the system)Displays info about paths to a MPIO capable device
lspv(No arguments - Lists every physical volume on the server)Displays info about physical volumes within a VG
lspvhdisk23 (Displays information about hdisk23 such as number of PPs and whether it is active or stale)Displays info about a physical volume within a VG
lsslot-c pci -a (Shows available/unoccupied pci slots)Displays info about hot plug slots
lsslot-c pci -o (Shows occupied pci slots)Displays info about hot plug slots
lssrc-a (Lists status of all defined subsystems)Gets status of subsystems, or a subserver
lsuser-f fred (Display user account attributes for the user fred)Display user account attributes
lsvg(No arguments - Lists all the Volume Groups on the system)Displays information about volume groups
lsvgvg01 (Displays characteristics of the VG "vg01")Displays information about volume groups
lsvg-l vg01 (Lists the names and characteristics of all LVs in the VG vg01)Displays information about volume groups
lsvpcfg (Lists each vpath and the hdisks that make up the vpath)Displays information vpaths
mirrorvgrootvg (Mirror rootvg)Mirrors all the LVs that exist on a given VG
mklv-y applv -t jfs2 appvg 20G hdisk6 (Create a 20GB LV named applv of type jfs2 in VG appvg and allocate PPs from hdisk6 only)Creates a logical volume
mksysb-Xiv /dev/rmt0 (Expands /tmp. Creates / Verbose output)Creates an installable image of rootvg
mpio_get_config-Av (Lists (for all attached subsystems) all info about the multiple path I/O (MPIO) based DS storage subsystems)Displays info about MPIO based DS storage arrays
oslevel-r (Shows version, release and maintenance level of AIX)Displays latest installed maintenance level
oslevel-rl 5300-04 (Shows which fileset updates are missing from 5300-04)Displays which fileset updates are missing
oslevel-s (Shows which service pack is installed)Displays which service pack is installed
pcmpathquery adapter (Displays information about adapters attached to SDDPCM (Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module) configured MPIO devices)Display info about all adapters attached to SDDPCM-configured MPIO devices
pcmpathquery device (Displays information about all MPIO-capable devices configured with SDDPCM (Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module))Display info about all MPIO devices configured with SDDPCM modules
prtconf(No arguments - shows all information)Displays system configuration information
pwdadm-f ADMCHG bert (Forces bert to change his password the next time he logs in)Force password change on next login
qadm-D printQ1 (Brings down the printer queue printQ1)Bring down a printer queue
qadm-U printQ1 (Brings up the printer queue printQ1)Bring up a printer queue
rmdev-dl hdisk8 (Unconfigure and undefine hdisk8)Remove a device from the system
rmlvtestlv (Remove the logical volume testlv)Remove a logical volume
savecore-f -d "DirectoryName" (Copy the dump to "DirectoryName" even if invalid)Save a system dump
savevg-i -r -f /tmp/appvg_savevg appvg (Create a backup of appvg, -i creates the data file by calling mkvgdata, -r backs up metadata only and not user data files, -f specifies the backup file)Find and backup all files belonging to a specified VG
showled0x888 (Send 888 to the LCD on the front of IBM servers)Aids in physically locating a server
shutdown-Fr (Performs a fast shutdown restarting afterwards)Shutdown or reboots the O/S
smittyupdate_allUpdates AIX with new maintenance level
ssa_format-l ssa0 -b (Resets the ssa battery "powered on hours" count to zero, to be used when a new cache battery is installed)Format an ssa cache battery
ssa_fw_status-a ssa0 (Displays information regarding the cache battery for ssa0 such as battery life)Display ssa adapter battery status
ssaxlate-l pdisk10 (Lists SSA Logical disk names which depend on the physical disk pdisk10 i.e. logical disk hdisk12)Translate between SSA logical disks (hdisks) and SSA physical disks (pdisks)
ssaxlate-l hdisk12 (Lists SSA Physical disk names which support the logical disk hdisk12 i.e. physical disk pdisk10)Translate between SSA logical disks (hdisks) and SSA physical disks (pdisks)
startsrc-s clcomdES (Start the clcomdES subsystem)Start a subsystem
stopsrc-s sendmail (Stop the sendmail subsystem)Stop a subsystem
svmon-G (Display a Global report including free memory in number of frames. Use "size" * 4 / 1024 to give MB.)Captures and analyzes a snapshot of virtual memory
synclvodm-v datavg (Synchronize the volume group "datavg" with verbose output)Synchronizes or rebuilds the logical volume control block, the device configuration database and the volume group descriptor area
syncvg-v appvg (Synchronize all physical partitions in the volume group "appvg")Synchronizes logical volume copies that are not current
sysdumpdev-e (Estimates the compressed size of the dump (in bytes) for the current running system)Displays and modifies the information and settings relating to traditional and firmware-assisted system dump.
sysdumpdev-l (Display current dump device settings)Displays and modifies the information and settings relating to traditional and firmware-assisted system dump.
sysdumpdev-L (Displays statistical information about the most recent system dump)Displays and modifies the information and settings relating to traditional and firmware-assisted system dump.
varyoffvgvg01 (Deactivate volume group "vg01")Deactivates a volume group
varyonvgvg01 (Activate volume group "vg01")Activates a volume group
vmstat-v (Displays statistics maintained by the virtual memory manager)Reports virtual memory statistics