General I.T. Common Problems


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Citrix Certificate ErrorCitrix Online plugin SSL Certificate Error on Microsoft Vista
dbca unhandled exceptionOracle dbca utility crashes with a Java unhandled exception error
DS4300 Diagnostic data is available errorIBM DS4300 disk array - Diagnostic data is available error
DS4xxx LUN mappingLUNs are mapped out from DS4xxx array but not seen by host
DS5300 array creation errorReturn code: Error 18 - internal target error during the creation of an array
lio_listio returned EAGAINError - "Warning: lio_listio returned EAGAIN. Performance degradation may be seen"
Respawn too fast errornode1 init: Id "wsmq" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes - error generated from inittab entry
RSA login loopRSA adapter browser login continual loop error
SCSI Sense KeysIBM LTO Ultrium Tape Drive - SCSI Sense Keys and Additional Sense
Solaris fabric errorsSolaris N_x Port dissapeared from fabric errors
VIO error log infoVIO error log information for MPIO attached DS Midrange Storage
Vista corrupt MBRMicrosoft Windows Vista - How to recover an MBR overwritten by grub installed on a Rocketraid raid device
VxVM path disabled errorVeritas VxVM path disabled error
Windows duplicate ip-address errorMicrosoft Windows system with teamed NICs causes duplicate IP address
Windows ipconfig errorMicrosoft Windows ipconfig error - A device attached to the system is not functioning
Windows RPC errorMicrosoft Windows error - The RPC server is unavailable