IBM TSM - Tivoli Storage Manager Audit Volume Command



Audit Volume will check for inconsistencies between database information and a storage pool volume

If a read or write error occurs on the volume during backup or restore then an audit of the volume can detect if there are any files with errors on the tape. If the server detects a file with errors then handling of the error depends on the storage pool to which the volume belongs (Primary or Copy), whether the FIX option is used with the audit command and whether the file is also stored on a volume assigned to other pools.

If TSM does not detect errors for a file that was marked as damaged then the state of the file is reset so that the file can be used.

If Fix=No (the default) then TSM reports, but does not delete, database records that refer to files with inconsistencies

If the volume is assigned to a Copy Storage Pool then Fix=Yes will cause TSM to delete any references to the physical file and any database records that point to a physical file that does not exist.

If the volume is assigned to a Primary Storage Pool and Fix=Yes then please read the detailed TSM documentation. From the tsm prompt type help audit vol.

To audit the volume T0134 with Fix=No (the default) then type audit vol T0134